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Whether you’re looking to establish an online presence for your products or services through photos or videos, or if you are looking to create the best Music Video ever, let us have your back. We offer Vancouver the best Video Production out there.

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Your song is a beautiful story that deserves to be told on as many avenues as possible. Our music videos are carefully produced segments that capture the heart of your song for the world to hear.

We know how important it is that a video properly represents the song it’s built on. Our producers work tirelessly to create a treatment and storyboard you’ll fall in love with. We’ll work with you to make sure your vision isn’t lost in the video production process and to ensure you always know what’s happening during development.

Musicians are talented storytellers who use lyrics to spin a narrative tale for their audience. We know how difficult it can be to create a world where none existed. We also understand the importance of putting everything into a project and standing behind the finished product.

With the rise of social media, musicians have new and interesting ways to reach their audience. Platforms like YouTube, Vevo, and Vimeo are all great stages for music videos of any kind. And, as digital downloads become the norm, artists have more freedom over their music and the channels it’s distributed on.

As filmmakers, we’re not far removed from the musician who gives endlessly or the writer who pushes himself beyond his limits. Check out the following list to help you understand some of the music video services we specialize in.

Full Creative Development

Unlike other music video productions companies, we’re ready to provide full creative development for your music video. We’re experienced in lighting, casting, locations, and art direction. We know that making a music video is different from writing or performing a song, so we’re here to help guide the process to make sure everything stays on track.

From budgets to timeframes, making a music video can be a stressful process. Our experienced producers know how to manage a schedule and work within different sized budgets. We can take the faintest of ideas and transform them into a music video you’ll be proud of.  

Treatment and Storyboarding

Types of music videos can range from artists performing in live settings to more elaborate story lines. Music videos that follow a film-like narrative are created through scripts. Before a script is written, it’s important to create a treatment of the video.

We use the combination of a solid treatment with a realistic, yet creative, storyboard to deliver results that leave our client’s speechless. We’ve created music videos for bands and artists of different sounds and genres. We know how to use atmosphere, editing and lighting to produce a final product unlike any other.  

We write our music video treatments in present tense prose and they detail everything about the music video from it’s concept to the setting, look, and tone. We would never approach a music video without creating a treatment and storyboard to guide us as we begin filming the project.

Director Services

We know that a lot of work goes into making a music video. In a lot of ways the process is similar to making a short film. You need a script, actors, somewhere to shoot, and a narrative.

In addition to filming and directing your music video, we’ll find the perfect cast and location to personify your song. Our director services also provides art direction throughout the pre and post-development process.  

Not to be undone, we offer animations, graphics, VFX, and 4k distribution. We stand by the quality of our music videos and all of our productions are shot using MTV/MUCH/BBC approved specs.

We specialize in creating high-quality music videos for artists to help them gain more fans, sell more digital downloads, and book more shows. We offer competitive rates for our services and can help you create a powerful music video your audience will remember.

We have a wide range of in-house equipment including HD Cameras and Lenses or 4K Cameras and should a project require extra equipment our network of contacts will enable us to meet the needs of your shoot. Our crew members are all skilled in various areas of production, filming and editing and we are able to bring any project to screen.

Whether you’re looking to create an extravagant or modest music video, let us tell your story. We offer Vancouver the best video production out there. Reach out to us for an analysis and quote.

“They have not only created superior videos, they have also spent the time needed in hearing what was important to me and  involved me in every step of the way to see if what I was looking for was being accomplished”