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Whether you’re looking to establish an online presence for your products or services through photos or videos, or if you are looking to create the best Music Video ever, let us have your back. We offer Vancouver the best Video Production out there.

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When you have a story to tell, but don't have the means to turn your vision into a reality, we can help. Our Vancouver-based short films team are dedicated to creating the story you want to tell. Each of our short films are unique to the foundation you set with your ideas. You can trust that our team will put in every possible effort to producing your short film, because we know you will settle for nothing less than perfection.

A short film is an excellent way to give an audience insight into a creative world cultivated in your mind, impactful events or people, or even a way to finance something that can be influential. Contacting LoVero will give you a dedicated Vancouver short film production company, who will help tell your amazing story.

Everything we produce for you can be distributed on multiple platforms to increase awareness. We have the tools and experience to not only create a compelling short film, but also enable audience fluidity, drive brand awareness, as well as meaningful engagement. Once you have quality content, you need to ensure the production and distribution process are done holistically, while allowing for growth in all possible platforms. With the care and commitment we apply in every project, you can trust that our distribution will have your story seen by a wide audience.

Narrative Or Documentary Short Film Production

Your story can be one about fictitious, or real life, situations, highlighting the struggles your characters must face, and we will bring it to fruition. The most common categories of short films are the narrative, or documentary.

A narrative film has three major characteristics: a life changing event, an obstacle, and a goal. Whether situation or character driven, these short films captivate audiences when the story is compelling, and the production value is high.

Documentaries tell the story of real people, or events, that evoke emotion. Whether positive, or negative, documentaries showcase the sometimes hidden realities that the public may not have otherwise known. With the right production team, and a passionate storyteller, we can create a masterpiece.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

If you, or someone you know, has an excellent product idea, but needs a way to generate interest, we can help! Crowdfunding is an effective way for an individual or platform to raise funding from a community, in order to receive rewards or recognition. The more people believe in a cause, the more they will contribute. Our Vancouver-based production team will provide an effective crowdfunding video will generate interest, and quickly raise money..

Crowdfunding is an effective method for raising funds without giving up equity, or accumulated debt. Incorporating multiple platforms with your crowdfunding video will increase your reach, allowing further interest to be generated. Having a well produced short film will keep your audiences engaged, and boost your funding.

Our experience in short film production means that the transition from concept to conception will be seamless. We will work with you to ensure that your crowdfunding campaign is not only professionally produced, but also effective.

Film Festival and Contest Submissions

The end result of your short film is important to both you, and us. When submitting your work to a film festival, or contest, it needs to be perfect in every way. Trusting us to produce your submission piece will give you the confidence in knowing that nothing short of our best work has been done. We ensure that each film meets the outlined criteria for each festival or contest, to guarantee eligibility.

Our team knows what is required before submitting a short film. Even the smallest details will be given the utmost attention. We will work to make your one-of-a-kind film stand out among the crowd. A great film submission is about more than simply following the rules stipulated by the festival and contest organizers. Having the chance to bring a film to life, and connecting with audiences, is what makes a winning submission, and is exactly what we do.

Why Choose Us?

Successfully telling your story, and making it come to life, is what we do best. Contacting our video production company will make your film shine in the limelight. The end result will be unique, while encompassing every aspect of your story.

Our production team wants your story to be told to the world, and we want to help. With extensive experience, creativity, and technical skills, we have the best producers available for your film. We will work diligently to not only bring your idea to life, but to give results that exceed all expectations.

“They have not only created superior videos, they have also spent the time needed in hearing what was important to me and  involved me in every step of the way to see if what I was looking for was being accomplished”